When is a crisis not happening in the world? I don’t remember at any point in my 27-years when we weren’t on a brink of a global disaster. Some may argue that things have never been worse, while others say things have never been better. Both are true in certain cases, but with the increase of events happening, many are left wondering how to interpret the ominous future. I’ve had the privilege of getting a snapshot of a possible future from my E.T. contacts, and they have a lot to say about humans and earth, and our collective futures.

Let me say, that I’ve been wrong before about predicting the future. When I was a teenager, I had the arrogance of assuming everything my contacts were sharing with me to be a certain future, which in fact, was a possibility. I once thought that E.T.s would be revealing themselves in the mid-2010s, sadly that didn’t come to pass. There were a few factors that were involved, they were expecting humankind to hit several criteria for that to occur; which we didn’t, and my misinterpretation of what they meant when ‘coming to earth’; which was my contacts having more physical and psychic communication with humans. Not showing up on mass in their fancy ships everywhere at the same time.

Since then, I’ve improved my interpretations of what they’re saying and as a result, I tend to avoid talking about what might happen just in case someone may assume that ‘might’ is a ‘will.’ However, one thing that’s remained consistent, what my contacts tell me, is ‘things will become much worse before they get any better.’ I just hope that this ‘better’ will be seen in my lifetime.

With every disaster, be it human-made or natural, E.T.s watch carefully at our response and analyze how this will affect us and them. If we’re in constant war-mode, then we likely won’t take E.T. presence well and a fight may break out. It won’t be a war, they do have the technology to stop any aggression from our military, but even then, they’ll just defend themselves. They want to share space with us, but if we’re aggressors, then they will do everything in their power to ground us. With natural disasters, if humankind takes constant advantage of those effected then they’ll probably just leave. However, they still stay because they can see that compassion and earn for peace is making bigger waves.

When the Australian bushfires came raging through the east of the continent, close to billion animals and thousands of hectares of forests perished, swallowing whole towns, hundreds of human lives lost and millions of dollars’ worth of damage – what happened? The global community responded trying to help those who were affected. Sure, some took advantage of the situation by increasing their political popularity or creating false charities, but they were a few from the overall love that Australia saw from the world around. My contacts saw this. 

With the current CORVID-19 situation, the economy has plunged, and lives were destroyed. Whether one believes this virus is a ruse or legitimate, one cannot argue the impact that it’s had on the world. The good news: we’re still here and we can rebuild. In the first weeks of lockdown, panic rippled through our minds and hearts, wondering if life will ever return to normal or be irreparably changed for the worst. Then as the months progressed, the panic was replaced by peace, we adapted well and are surviving.  Sure, many world leaders are eager to point the finger at each other, desperately seeking someone to blame, but the common people understand that this has affected everyone equally. New hopes have sprouted with this change for ecology and new methods of trading. My contacts see this. 

I asked them what the next crisis is, eager to know if a pattern will be established for this year and coming years. I dreaded to know the answer because already we’re so strained and gripped with fear that any hope for a better future will be replaced by horror. My main contact, Mezreth, told me this:

“Everything that needed to happen; has happened. Many awful things had to happen for you (human) to get to where you are now. Growing pains, we (E.T.s) all had to go through them. You need to learn the value of something before it’s taken away, and that lesson has repeated itself for hundreds of years. Now, we are pushing these lessons through a shorter time so you can understand it sooner,”

“So, you’re deliberately making these disasters happen?” I asked.

“We’re not going let you fall, but we’re letting you hit into boulders. I’ve seen many alternatives of present-day earth and this is one has the potential for the best outcome – for a long-lasting future,” he said.

“What’s next and when?” I asked.

“We’ll let you decide.” He said.

I know this isn’t much, however, there’s a certain comfort to his words. This makes humanity the arbiters of our futures and E.T.s wanting to support us for positive decisions. We’re all fed up with the greed, selfishness, and arrogance. They want to share the universe with us, but before that happens, they desperately want to see us coexist with each other and our home. 

What I have learned from my contacts is our mind is the only reality, everything on the outside is just a reflection and responds to whatever our minds create. Change doesn’t happen on the outside, it comes from the inside.

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