Meet the Star Fam: Introducing the Xannians

No-nonsense, focused, durable and too-quiet-for-comfort are just some of the ways to describe Xannians. Their icy exterior is great contrast to their blistering hot world of Xann. Xannians are a hardy people who value the pursuit of constant self and societal improvement. They care little for the feelings of others, even themselves and believe speaking plainly. To a Xannian, there is no problem without a solution. They are machines with a pulse.

Xannians are one of the fastest developing species in the known universe. Their society and biosphere were on the brink of collapse less than a century ago until they were intervened and guided by off-worlders. They turned the tides of their fates, everything they are now was earned through suffering and struggling. Because of this, they have much respect from many beings outside their race, but continue the struggle finding social relatability with their interstellar neighbours. Make no mistake, Xannians wear their arrogance on their sleeves, but have overcome much in such short span of time, so it is almost warranted.

Despite these poor observations, Xannians are incredibly deep people. They rigid societal structures and high expectations of each other and themselves, that make them feel senses of shame if they fail and hide their innermost selves. They are competent and potent psychics, but unlike many other psychic species, they have many rules and regulations on how to interact with one-another. They never peer into each other’s minds unless invited and certainly refrain from feeling anger when out in public. Because intense emotions are harder to conceal than thoughts and if one Xannian failed to supress that outside of the safety of their home, they can emotionally ‘contaminate’ other equally sensitive Xannians. To add another layer of difficulty, Xannians developed on a planet that has many inter-planar portals, allowing many extra-dimensional entities to enter. Some of these entities feed from mental and emotional energy.

They developed on a dry and arid planet where survival was slim, barren of most vegetation and water on the surface, however if one looks deeper below the crust, life thrives free from the power heat of the twin suns. Much like the world’s inhabitants, all forms of life coexist inside the deep and tranquil caverns from the decollate surface. These caves are filled with tunnels and underground lake and rivers, some of them even have their own weather systems. Ancient nomadic Xannians considered these caverns to be sacred and have various sculptures, wall paintings and burial grounds in these earthy halls. These Xannians constructed vast black marble monasteries to reach spiritual and physical heights, which are in use to this day.

There may not be much to see on simple viewing of Xann or the Xannians, but if one peels back the layers, the richness of life and culture bursts out and envelops any who wish to be a part of it.

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