Meet the Star Fam: Introducing the Ezoni

When one is familiar with the Ezoni, thoughts are evoked of their playful and eccentric natures. They are beings that prefer laying in a lap of luxury, napping their days away and rising in the twilight for adventure. Their magnetic charm and effortless charisma make them social dominators among other species, they are the life of the party and the heart of the discussion. Many off-worlders (other interstellar civilizations) have opinions of the Ezoni: some think their inability for aggression is a weakness, others say they demand to be included in every political discussion, and some say they would be lazy if given the option. However, there is so much more to the warm-blooded, violet-skinned, flirtatious bunch that make the Ezoni so great: they never had a war.

Not to say they are unfamiliar with the odd skirmish in their earlier ages, but they never had a mass war that resulted in many lives lost. Some off-worlders have studied their expansive history of the species to find the answers, even times when they had the technological ability to wipe out whole continents, the Ezoni did not. Some say they don’t have a stomach for it, because of their physically frail and lack the stamina, their hormones don’t allow for prolonged aggressive emotions, etc. – none of this is entirely true. They have an unbreakable psionic bond with each other that prevents them from enacting extremely violent towards each other, perhaps with enough mental training, an Ezoni could override this bond, but it’s become a cultural custom to never do physical harm. This doesn’t mean the odd Ezoni can’t be emotionally destructive to another person, but at least they won’t punch them in the face.

This relatively peaceful way of life has been extended to the flora and fauna that share their home-world: Elzona. The planet itself is breath-taking to the beholder, every lifeform is decorated in perfectly matching colours on its ornate surface, whether it flies, swims or wriggles in the dirt. From the sparkling navy mountains to the verdant emerald forests, to the crème sands in the sunset deserts, Elzona sings with life. No, I mean it really sings. If one strips away the birds chirping, the leaves clapping in the wind and the stillness of the ocean’s waves, there’s a deep melodic hum that’s just beyond one’s ears. The Ezoni have a saying: Elzona’s secrets lie deeper than her core. That’s why they have a great reverence and fear of their world.

Much of Ezoni architecture and artistic style is depicted from their nature. In their eyes, Elzona is perfect and no matter what they create will only be a pale comparison – I guess that’s why everything they make is so pretty. The Ezoni are also famous for their unusual appearance, their multi shades of violet add a mystical and etheric beauty, however, their forms partially change on their emotions. When they are joyful; their aura glows and smiles are eternal, when they’re neutral; one could entirely overlook them, when they’re low; their aura sinks and almost looks like a blue cloud follows over them, but they’re enraged; they’re nightmarish.

The Ezoni are adept psychics. Energy-bending and psionic insight is inherent at birth. Entering each other’s mind is as natural as shaking someone’s hand, however, some species have laws that consider that a breach of privacy and boundary. For this, there are regular incursions on this rule with young Ezoni tourists. Some groups believe that Ezoni are a threat, their influence in the affairs on many worlds is deep and their population climbs at lightening speeds with millions of their members intermingling with other species. These groups call this a ‘charming invasion.’

Of course, this isn’t how most Ezoni see it. They believe intermingling is the next step of spiritual evolution, they have a yearning to understand life on the other side and embrace off-worlders with every molecule of their being. Maybe in my lifetime, the Ezoni will teach this to us one day.

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